Savanna Ridge Trail


Savanna Ridge Trail is one of many trails at Bennett Spring State Park. 

The eastern side if this trail is combined with Natural Tunnel Trail. From the trailhead, the two trails go in opposite directions. Natural Tunnel Trail hikers should go right, and Savanna Ridge Trail hikers should walk left. The trail travels along the west bank of Spring Hollow then into the hills up a step slope to the west in a wide loop. The steep slope may make this easy level walking trail feel more difficult than it is. Bottled water is encouraged while walking this rugged Ozark terrain. The trail offers a rigorous outdoor experience featuring open oak and hickory woodlands carpets with a seasonal variety of wildflowers and scenic views. Hikers should stay alert as they may see deer, several types of birds, squirrels, and other elusive wildlife.

The trail is marked in green. An old road along a former park property line offers a bypass for those who wish to shorten their hike. The shortcut connection is marked in white.